Research Data Storage

There are a variety of options for storing large-scale research data at UVA. Non-sensitive data storage systems can be accessed from the Rivanna high performance computing system. Sensitive data can be stored and accessed within the Ivy secure computing environment. UVA graduate and undergraduate students are not permitted to request storage accounts. This must be done by their faculty advisor[s].

Information Technology Services (ITS) also provides multiple tiers of data storage for personal and non-research storage needs.

Non-Sensitive Data Storage

Name Quota Price Data Protection Accessible from Best Practices
Project Storage 1TB increments $60 /TB/yr 2 week snapshots Rivanna, NFS mount /projectis ideal for long-term storage of data to be accessed from Rivanna. /project is ideal for sharing data within a research group and for running jobs with smaller files.
Value Storage 1TB increments $45 /TB/yr No backup Rivanna, SMB mount Research value storage is a budget solution for storing data that can be accessed by a personal computer or Rivanna. It is not recommended to run SLURM jobs against value storage unless absolutely necessary. File operations on value storage are slower than on /home, /scratch, or /project.
Archive Storage 1TB increments $30 /TB/yr No backup Rivanna ZFS NAS storage can be mounted on your desktop and allows for file sharing among research team members.

Sensitive Data Storage

Name Quota Price Mounted On Best Practices
Ivy Central Storage (ICS) 1TB increments First TB is free, additional space $45 TB/year Ivy virtual machine ICS is ideal for long-term storage of sensitive data and is suitable for computation with smaller file sizes. Files stored in ICS are read-write only.

Ivy Central Storage is accessible by using Globus and connecting to the Ivy DTN.

Request Storage

Storage requests can be made from this form: