Sensitive Data Storage - Ivy


The Ivy secure computing environment meets both HIPAA- and CUI-compliance standards and is ideal for storing sensitive research data. Ivy offers several storage options to fit your research computing needs.

Ivy Central Storage

Ivy Central Storage (ICS) is a sensitive data parking zone and central storage pool with a capacity greater than 1PB. This storage space is available for researchers with highly sensitive data and can be mounted on an Ivy virtual machine (VM). For added security, files stored on ICS are read & write only. Executable files can be moved from ICS to VM storage.

Researchers can request space on ICS by first requesting an Ivy account using the form on the CADRE website. Users are granted 1TB of space for free, and additional space can be requested in 1TB increments.

VM Storage

In addition to ICS space, researchers can also request network attached storage (NAS). Unlike ICS, files stored here can be executable. NAS space is accessible via an Ivy VM. Data can be transferred from NAS to ICS for long-term data storage.

VM NAS space can be requested with an Ivy account using the form on the CADRE website. Users are granted 1TB for free and may request additional space in 1TB increments.

Additionally, Ivy VMs have 100GB of block storage. All software and applications installed on the VM take up some of this block storage space.

Data Transfer to Ivy

To ensure that files are always secure, data can only be transferred to Ivy through the Ivy secure data transfer node (DTN) using Globus Connect. Globus provides access to data on local machines and Ivy Central Storage, Ivy's data parking zone. Data can then be moved between ICS and VM NAS or block storage as needed. Globus is well suited for transferring both small files and large amounts of data. More information on Globus data transfer can be found on the UVa Research Computing FAQ knowledgebase.

Sensitive Storage Data Transfer High level Overview


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