UVA Research Computing provides training opportunities covering a variety of data analysis, basic programming and computational topics. All of the classes listed below are taught by experts and are freely available to UVa faculty, staff and students.

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops have been moved to online learning formats due to campus closures from COVID-19.

Feb 3, 2022
Parallel/GPU Computing with MATLAB Ed Hall
Feb 9, 2022
Scientific Image Processing with Python Karsten Siller
Feb 17, 2022
Converting Jupyter Notebooks to run as a Batch Job Jacalyn Huband
Feb 21, 2022
Single Cell RNA Analysis Will Rosenow
Feb 24, 2022
Optimization Techniques for MATLAB Ed Hall
Feb 28, 2022
Building Containers for Rivanna Ruoshi Sun
Mar 14, 2022
Using Spark on Rivanna Ruoshi Sun
Mar 16, 2022
Using Rivanna from the Command Line Gladys Andino

Research Computing is partnering with the Research Library and the Health Sciences Library to deliver workshops covering a variety of research computing topics.

All Upcoming Workshops from UVA Library Research Data Services

All Upcoming Workshops from UVA Health Sciences Library

Coffee & Coding

Want to learn a new coding skill?

Join us on Zoom for Coffee&Coding every Thursday afternoon between noon and 12:30 for amazing coding tips that will streamline your research!

Upcoming topics include “Text parsing/regular expressions”, “Error handling with try and except”, and “Working with date/time structures” All are welcome!

Time: Thursday’s from 12:00-12:30

Below is the schedule for Spring 2022:

# Date Topic Language Instructor
1 1/27/2022 PrettyPrinter with complex data structures Python Will Rosenow
2 2/3/2022 f strings in python Python Will Rosenow
3 2/10/2022 Plotting with Matplotlib Python Will Rosenow
4 2/17/2022 Building lists with .append() Python Will Rosenow
5 2/24/2022 Text parsing/regular expressions Python Will Rosenow
6 3/3/2022 Error handling with try and except Python Will Rosenow
7 3/17/2022 Plot annotations with ggplot2 R Marieke Jones
8 3/24/2022 Mathematical Annotation in R R Clay Ford
9 3/31/2022 Working with Dates in R R Clay Ford
10 4/7/2022 Data cleaning with tidyverse R Will Rosenow
11 4/14/2022 across() function R Marieke Jones
12 4/21/2022 purrr map() function R Marieke Jones
13 4/28/2022 Rolling joins R Clay Ford

Workshop Material

Course material and exercises are available through a companion site. Feel free to browse classes, tutorials and workshop material and learn at your own pace.

Previous Workshops

  • Advanced Computing in the Cloud
  • Advanced Data Manipulation with R
  • Advanced Data Visualization with R
  • Analyzing 16s RNA Amplicons
  • Building Shiny Web Applications in R
  • Conditionals and Iteration in R
  • Data Analysis & Visualization with Python
  • Data Visualization with Matlab
  • Databases and How to Use Them
  • Docker Containers for Scientific Research
  • How to Work With Databases
  • Image Data Management with OMERO
  • Image Processing with Matlab
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to Docker Containers
  • Introduction to Git and Github
  • Introduction to High Performance Computing (Rivanna)
  • Introduction to Highly-Sensitive Data Analysis (Ivy)
  • Introduction to Matlab
  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to R
  • Introduction to Rivanna
  • Introduction to the Command Line
  • Introduction to UVA Research Computing Resources
  • Machine Learning in the Cloud
  • Machine Learning with MatLab
  • Next Generation Sequence Alignment
  • Optimizing R
  • Parallel Computing with Matlab
  • R For Beginners
  • R Package Development Tools
  • Writing in Functions in R

Do you need a specific workshop and have a group of people to attend? Let us know.