Storage FAQs

Help! I deleted my files accidentally! What can I do?

  • Your home directory contains a hidden directory .snapshot which is not visible even with ls -a. Change into that directory to find timestamped versions of your home directory. Snapshots are created once per day.
  • Research Project (leased) storage also has a .snapshot directory.
  • Neither Research Standard (leased) nor Rivanna scratch storage is backed up in any way.

Why should I lease storage?

Leasing storage from Research Computing means that you do not have to run your own data server or backup system. You can lease storage for lab data without using any of the Research Computing computational resources, or you can lease storage for use with our computing facilities.

What are my options for leased storage?

Research Computing offers two tiers of leased storage, Research Standard and Research Project. Please see our storage page for details.

Where can I learn more about the Globus file transfer tools?

Globus maintains a well documented FAQ webpage that answers common questions related to security, file transfer and sharing, Globus endpoints and the command line interface (CLI) tools.