Research Standard and Research Project storage can be mapped to your Windows or Mac computer as a remote drive. If you are off Grounds you must be running a VPN, such as the UVA Anywhere or the More Secure VPN from ITS. We recommend the More Secure VPN if that is available to you.


  • Open a File Explorer page. In Windows 10 first select This PC. This is not necessary for earlier versions of Windows. When you see the Computer tab, select that, then select Map Network Drive.
  • When the dialog box appears, the default drive letter will be Z. You can change this to any other available letter if you wish.
  • In the Folder textbox, type the path you were given when the storage was set up, for example \\\mylab-storage. Note that you must use backslashes even if the path provided to you used forward slashes.
  • When it asks you to authenticate, use your UVA id (e.g. mst3k) and your Eservices password.
  • Select Finish.

If you have sammas storage you may have to enter ESERVICES\mst3k (with your own user ID) rather than your user ID alone.


  • From the Finder menu, select Go->Go To Folder->Connect To Server. A dialog box should appear with smb:// filled in. Type the path you were given so that the result looks like smb:// Note that for Mac OSX we use forward slashes. Enter your Eservices credentials when prompted, then click Connect.


Special arrangements must be made with Research Computing to export shares to a Linux workstation.