BART (Binding Analysis for Regulation of Transcription) Web

Working with researchers in the Zang Lab in the Center for Public Health Genomics
(CPHG), RC helped launch BARTweb,
an interactive web-based tool for users to analyze their Genelist or ChIP-seq datasets. BARTweb is a containerized
Flask front-end (written in Python) that ingests files and submits them to a more robust Python-based genomics pipeline
running on Rivanna, UVA’s high performance computing cluster (HPC). This architecture – of a public web application that
uses a supercomputer to process data – is a new model for UVA, and one that eases the learning curve for researchers who
may not have access to an HPC system or the expertise to run a BART pipeline in the command-line.

PI: Chongzhi Zang (Center for Public Health Genomics)


    Wenjing Ma, Zhenjia Wang, Yifan Zhang, Neal E Magee, Yayi Feng, Ruoyao Shi, Yang Chen, Chongzhi Zang. "BARTweb: a web server for transcriptional regulator association analysis." NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics, 2021.