UVa Licensed SPSS on Ivy Windows VM

SPSS Overview

SPSS (or Statistical Package for Social Sciences), was initially developed as a social survey project but later on has grown to encompass statistical
applications in almost all disciplines. Different industries use SPSS for their data analysis work. Its features include database management, reporting,
graphing, among many others.

SPSS Usage

SPSS is available only on the Windows VM at the moment. To run SPSS go to:

Start Menu > All Programs > IBM SPSS Statistics


We have a limited number of SPSS licenses available, which are provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.
As a consequence, availability of SPSS on your VM is not always guaranteed once a VM request is submitted.
Please consult with us before requesting SPSS.

More Information

For detailed documentation on SPSS, please visit the official website here