UVa Licensed SAS on the Ivy Windows VM

SAS Overview

SAS is a command-driven software package used for statistical analysis and data visualization. It is available in . It is one of the most widely used statistical software packages in both industry and academia. You may use it if you have a large number of statistical algorithms. It is not limited to an industry, and could be used in both scientific and non-scientific contexts. We only offer the Teaching & Research version at the moment.

Common Usage

For this example we will use a common scenario from SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit, which is used for supporting clinical research activiites. The SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit initially focuses on standards defined by the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC). CDISC is a global, open, multidisciplinary, nonprofit organization that has established standards to support the acquisition, exchange, submission, and archival of clinical research data and metadata.

Starting SAS

Open the Start Menu and from All Programs locate the SAS folder. Within that click on SAS 9.4. You may also run SAS via the SAS Studio, which uses a browser.

Getting a list of all installed standards


Creating Data Sets Used by the Framework



We have a limited number of SAS Licenses available, which are provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. As a consequence, availability of SAS on your VM is not always guaranteed once a VM request is submitted. Please consult with us before requesting SAS.

More information

For more information on SAS, please consult its official documentation here You may obtain the Administration version of SAS from the UVA Software Gateway portal here