Database Software on Ivy Linux VM

The following database software are available on the Ivy Linux Virtual Machines


Is the most popular open-source relational database, used in academia and industry worldwide. It has been
in use for over 20 years and is backed by a large developer community. It is available in both free and
proprietary versions.


MariaDB is a community developed version of MySQL, and is highly compatible with MySQL and other relational databases. Existing databases can be easily migrated between MySQL and MariaDB, and vice versa.


Unlike MariaDB and MySQL, PostgreSQL is an object relational database, and can be used in a manner similar to other relational databases. It is available for free, and is open-source under its own special license type, called PostgreSQL License.


MongoDB is a NoSQL, Document store database. It treats all data as key-value pair documents, stored within collections, instead of tables. MongoDB is great for large scale data processing needs.