TeX Live is TeX Live is intended to be a straightforward way to get up and running with the TeX document production system. It provides a comprehensive TeX system with binaries for most flavors of Unix, including GNU/Linux, macOS, and also Windows. It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts that are free software, including support for many languages around the world.

Software Category: tools

For detailed information, visit the TeX Live

Available Versions

To find the available versions and learn how to load them, run:

module spider texlive

The output of the command shows the available TeX Live
module versions.

For detailed information about a particular TeX Live
module, including how to load the module, run the module spider command with the module’s full version label. For example:

module spider texlive/2023
ModuleVersion Module Load Command
texlive2023 module load texlive/2023

Add Local Package

We do not support user-requested packages in our module. If you need a package that is not included, please install it locally by following these instructions.

module load texlive
mkdir -p ~/texmf/tex/latex

The directory structure of ~/texmf/tex/latex should be the same as

ls $EBROOTTEXLIVE/texmf-dist/tex/latex

Each package should reside in its own directory. Create a subdirectory for your package under ~/texmf/tex/latex and copy the *.sty file from into the subdirectory. (If the package does not provide a *.sty, please follow the installation instructions. Typically, latex *.dtx or latex *.ins should produce the *.sty file.)

Then run:

$ texhash ~/texmf
texhash: Updating /home/mst3k/texmf/ls-R...
texhash: Done.

You should now be able to use the new package locally.


If you encounter this error:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'dvipng'

please use our dvipng container. Go through all the steps in