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For detailed information, visit the Code Server

Available Versions

To find the available versions and learn how to load them, run:

module spider code-server

The output of the command shows the available Code Server
module versions.

For detailed information about a particular Code Server
module, including how to load the module, run the module spider command with the module’s full version label. For example:

module spider code-server/4.16.1
ModuleVersion Module Load Command
code-server4.16.1 module load apptainer/1.2.2 code-server/4.16.1
code-server4.16.1 module load code-server/4.16.1

Interactive Sessions through Open Ondemand

Interactive sessions of Code Server
can be launched through the HPC web portal, Open OnDemand.
If you are new to HPC, you may want to read the Getting Started Guide to learn more about the partitions.

Python Setup

Python users should install the ms-python extension and select an appropriate interpreter:

  1. Press F1
  2. Search for “python: select interpreter”
  3. Choose the anaconda python or any other python in your custom environments.

Closing the Interactive Session

When you are done, delete the Code Server
session from the “My Interactive Sessions” tab and the allocated resources will be released.