• `ssh` on UVA HPC

    The secure shell ssh is the primary application used to access the HPC system from the command line.
    Connecting to a Remote Host For Windows, MobaXterm is our recommended ssh client; this package also provides an SFTP client and an X11 server in one bundle.
    Mac OSX and Linux users access the cluster from a terminal through OpenSSH, which are preinstalled on these operating systems. Open a terminal (on OSX, the Terminal application) and type
    ssh -Y mst3k@login.hpc.virginia.edu where mst3k should be replaced by your user ID. You will generally need to use this format unless you set up your user account on your Mac or Linux system with your UVA ID.

  • UVA Anywhere VPN on Linux

    ITS does not support the UVA Anywhere VPN client on Linux. These instructions may work but they are provided for user information only. UVA RC does not support usage of the VPN on any platform.
    Setting up the VPN Install Software Prerequisites
    You must install some software using yum,dnf, or apt-get. Note the slight difference in naming convention between distributions.
    These distributions need the following packages:
    openssl openconnect NetworkManager-openconnect NetworkManager-openconnect-gnome Ubuntu
    The packages are the same but the names are different. Ubuntu 18.04 and up requires an additional package.
    openssl openconnect network-manager-openconnect network-manager-gnome network-manager-openconnect-gnome It will be necessary for Network Manager to be able to manage the connection.

  • SSH Keys

    Users can authenticate their SSH sessions using either a password or an ssh key. The instructions below describe how to create a key and use it for password-less authentication to your Linux instances.
    About SSH Keys SSH keys are a pair of encrypted files that are meant to go together. One half of the pair is called the “private” key, and the other half is the “public” key. When users use the private key to connect to a server that is configured with the public key, the match can be verified and the user is signed in. Or, put it more simply, when data is encrypted using one half of the key, it can be decrypted using the other half.

  • Logging in to the UVA HPC systems

    The UVA HPC systems (Rivanna and Afton) are accessible through a web portal, secure shell terminals, or a remote desktop environment. For of all of these access points, your login is your UVA computing ID and your password is your Eservices password. If you do not know your Eservices password you must change it through ITS.
    Off Campus? Connecting to Rivanna and Afton HPC systems from off Grounds via Secure Shell Access (SSH) or FastX requires a VPN connection. We recommend using the UVA More Secure Network if available. The UVA Anywhere VPN can be used if the UVA More Secure Network is not available.

  • MobaXterm

    MobaXterm is the recommended login tool for Windows users. It bundles a tabbed ssh client, a graphical drag-and-drop sftp client, and an X11 window server for Windows, all in one easy-to-use package. Some other tools included are a simple text editor with syntax coloring and several useful Unix utlities such as cd, ls, grep, and others, so that you can run a lightweight Linux environment on your local machine as well as use it to log in to a remote system.
    Download To download MobaXterm, click the link below. Select the “Home” version, “Installer” edition,
    Download MobaXterm
    Run the installer as directed.