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  • Jupyter Lab on Rivanna

    Overview Jupyter Notebooks are documents which can combine executable code, formatted text, and interactive graphics into a single file. Because Notebooks can be shared, they provide developers with a tool for capturing and explaining their computational results. To use a Jupyter Notebook, a web application, such as JupyterLab, is needed. We now provide a web portal where JupyterLab can be accessed on Rivanna. However, to use JupyterLab, you must have an account on Rivanna. Accessing JupyterLab To access JupyterLab, you will begin by connecting to our Open OnDemand portal: Open a web browser and go to https://rivanna-portal.hpc.virginia.edu. Use your Netbadge credentials to log in.
  • Matlab on Rivanna

    Matlab MATLAB is an integrated technical computing environment from the MathWorks that combines array-based numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization, and a high-level programming language. Separately licensed toolboxes provide additional domain-specific functionality. Mathworks provides MATLAB examples and tutorials for all experience levels here. Using MATLAB on Rivanna You must always set up your environment in order to use MATLAB. To load the most recent installed version run module load matlab Available Matlab versions function getToolchain(parent) { return parent } Module Version Module Load Command You can work in the MATLAB desktop on the Rivanna frontend nodes; we recommend FastX for this application.
  • R and RStudio on Rivanna

    Overview R is a programming language that often is used for data analytics, statistical programming, and graphical visualization. Loading the R module On Rivanna, R is available through our module system. To load R, simply type: module load gcc R Notice that we included gcc in the load command. There are two reasons why including gcc is important: R was built with the gcc compiler. Due to its hierarchical layout, the module system must be told which build of R is needed. R has many computationally-intensive packages that are built with C, C++, or Fortran. By including gcc, we ensure that the same environment used for building R is loaded for any package installs.
  • RStudio Server on Rivanna

    Overview RStudio Server is a web-based interface to RStudio – a development environment for R programming. Research Computing provides a web portal where RStudio Server can be accessed on Rivanna. However, to use RStudio Server, you must have an account on Rivanna. Instructions for setting up an acccount can be found here. Accessing RStudio Server To access RStudio Server, you will begin by connecting to our Open OnDemand portal: Open a web browser and go to URL: https://rivanna-portal.hpc.virginia.edu. Use your “Netbadge” credentials to log in. On the top right of the menu bar of the Open OnDemand dashboard, click on “Interactive Apps”.