• Computing Environments at UVA

    Rivanna The primary vehicle for high-performance computing since 2014 has been the Rivanna cluster. Rivanna is a heterogenous system with a total of 595 nodes and 22598 cpu cores. It consists of approximately 230 x 20-core nodes with 128GB of RAM each, 39 x 28-core nodes with 256GB of RAM, and 300 x 40-core nodes with 384GB-768GB of RAM each. Five “big memory” nodes offer from 1-3TB of RAM with 16 cores each. A number of nodes offer GPU accelerators: 64 NVIDIA K80 GPGPUs, 16 NVIDIA V100 GPUs, 52 P100 GPGPUs, 20 NVIDIA RTX2080TI gpus, 20 RTX3090 gpus and two Nvidia DGX-A100 servers with 16 40G A100 GPUs.
  • Computing Systems

    UVA Research Computing can help you find the right system for your computational workloads. From supercomputers to HIPAA secure systems to cloud-based deployments with advanced infrastructure, various systems are available to researchers. Are you submitting a grant proposal and need standard information about UVA research computing environments? Get it here. High Performance Computing - Rivanna A traditional high performance cluster with a resource manager, a large file system, modules, and MPI processing. Get Started on Rivanna Secure Computing for Highly Sensitive Data - Ivy A multi-platform, HIPAA-compliant system for secure data that includes dedicated virtual machines (Linux and Windows), JupyterLab Notebooks, and Apache Spark.
  • Microservices

    Microservice architecture is an approach to designing and running applications. Such applications are typically run within containers, made popular in the last few years by Docker. Containers are portable, efficient, and disposable, and contain code and any dependencies in a single package. Containerized microservices typically run a single process, rather than an entire stack within the same computing environment. This allows portions of your application to be easily replaced or scaled as needed. Microservices at UVA Research Computing runs microservices in a clustered orchestration environment that automates the deployment and management of many containers easy and scalable. This cluster has >1000 cores and ~1TB of memory allocated to running containerized services.
  • Pricing

    Below is a schedule of prices for Research Computing resources. Rivanna Allocations Type SU Limits Cost SU Lifetime Standard 100,000 per application; renewable (400K SUs max per fiscal year) Free 12 months Deans’ Allocations None Free 12 months by default, negotiable Purchased None $0.015 (<1M SUs); $0.01 (=1M SUs) Forever Instructional 25,000 Free 2 weeks after last teaching session ** Non-UVA personnel are charged at a rate of $0.07/SU About Allocations Storage Name Security Cost Project Standard $60 TB/year Value Standard $45 TB/year ZFS Standard $30 TB/year Ivy Central Storage High $45 TB/year Ivy NAS Storage High $60 TB/year Storage Details Request Storage