Virginia Women in HPC Events in September & October

VA-WHPC September Event - Leadership Journeys

Time: Sep 19, 2023, 01:00 PM EST (US and Canada).

Join us for our next community event featuring Dr. Neena Imam as she shares her personal view of challenges and successes experienced throughout her inspiring leadership journey in research, HPC and AI computing. Come learn about career strategies, ask questions, and contribute to our discussion of how the playing field may be leveled to offer equitable IT & HPC leadership opportunities for women and minorities.

Dr. Imam earned a PhD in Electrical Engineering and has been engaged in research and computing in a variety of roles. She was a Science Fellow to Senator Lamar Alexander, a Research Scientist and Deputy Director of Research Collaboration, Computing and Computational Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and currently leads research engagement at NVIDIA for the Americas regions.

Featured speaker:
Neena Imam - Director of Researcher Engagement at NVIDIA

Attendees are invited to share their own experiences and engage with the speaker during this interactive Q&A session.

This virtual event is jointly hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University, George Mason University, Virginia Tech, William & Mary, University of Richmond, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Old Dominion University, ACCESS, and the University of Virginia in cooperation with NVIDIA.

VA-WHPC October Event - Student Lightning Talks

Time: Oct 31, 2023, 01:00 PM EST (US and Canada).

VA-WHPC will be hosting 10-12 students as they give lightning talks on their research to members of the HPC community from across Virginia. Interested in giving a lightning talk? You’ll get 3 minutes and 1-2 slides to tell us all about your research. Don’t miss this chance to practice your presentation skills and share your research with a diverse audience!

Send us the title of your presentation before September 29.

A helpful guide on how to give a successful lightning talk is available here.