Virginia Women in HPC - Student Lightning Talks

What: Join us in welcoming 11 undergraduate and graduate students from across Virginia to talk about their research. The talks will be lightning style format allowing 3 minutes for students to present and 1-2 questions and 1-2 questions from the audience. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to hear about a variety of research topics within HPC!

Event Time: April 4, 2023, 01:00 PM EST (US and Canada).

Featured Speakers:

  • Lakshmi Miller - Graduate Student

    Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech

    “CFD Informed Maneuvering of AUVs”

  • Rashmi Chawla - Graduate Student

    Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech

    “Multiphysics Modeling of UHTCs using Material Point Method”

  • Naina Pisharoti - Graduate Student

    Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech

    “High-fidelity Computational Analysis of UAV Propellers”

  • Liza Harold - Undergraduate Student

    Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia

    “Investigating the Role of Stereocomplexation in Peptide Assembly via Molecular Dynamics Simulations”

  • Clare Cocker - Undergraduate Student

    Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia

    “Role of Amino Acid sSereochemistry in the Assembly of Peptide Hydrogels for Tissue engineering”

  • Marion LoPresti - Undergraduate Student

    Biochemistry, Virginia Tech

    “Utilizing HPC to Explore the Dynamics of the Druggable Dengue Virus Protease”

  • Nhi Huynh - Graduate Student

    Engineering and Technology, Old Dominion University

    “RSM: To Increasing the Capacity of the Deep GCN (Graph Convolution Neural) Image”

  • Sarah Patterson - Undergraduate Student

    Developmental Biology, William & Mary

    “Single Cell RNA Sequencing in Xenopus Laevis Embryology”

  • Cynthia Sias - Graduate Student

    Plant and Environmental Sciences, Virginia Tech

    “Evaluating the Effect of Cover Crop Termination Management on Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) Suppression in Soybean”

  • Afrina Tabassum - Graduate Student

    Computer Science, Virginia Tech

    “Multimodal Learning: Representation and Generation”

  • Mahshid Ahmadian - Graduate Student
    Systems Modeling and Analysis, Virginia Commonwealth University

    “Modeling Salmon Shark’s Location in the Pacific Ocean Using Stochastic Process approach”


  • Mark Gardner - Network Research Manager, Advanced Research Computing, Virginia Tech
  • Heather Baier - Ph.D. Student in Computational Geography, William & Mary

This virtual event is jointly hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University, George Mason University, Virginia Tech, William & Mary,
University of Richmond, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Old Dominion University, and the University of Virginia,

Virginia WHPC is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion by promoting and encouraging the participation of women in
high-performance computing and related fields.