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  • MobaXterm

    MobaXterm is the recommended login tool for Windows users. It bundles a tabbed ssh client, a graphical drag-and-drop sftp client, and an X11 window server for Windows, all in one easy-to-use package. Some other tools included are a simple text editor with syntax coloring and several useful Unix utlities such as cd, ls, grep, and others, so that you can run a lightweight Linux environment on your local machine as well as use it to log in to a remote system. Download To download MobaXterm, click the link below. Select the “Home” version, “Installer” edition, Download MobaXterm Run the installer as directed.
  • Data Transfer

    Efficient and reliable data transfer is a critical component of scientific research computing. There are a variety of useful tools available for expedient data transfer, whether you are transferring data from an external site or within different computing environments at UVa. Use Cases The data transfer method you choose heavily relies on where the data are currently located and to where you want to transfer the data. Click on a row in the table below to learn more about the data transfer methods available for a specific use case. Source Destination Example Use Cases Lab Workstation Non-Sensitive Data Storage A research scientist wants to copy data from her lab workstation to her lab’s /project storage share.