• Refgenie: A Reference Genome Resource Manager

    Reference genome assemblies are essential for high-throughput sequencing analysis projects. Typically, genome assemblies are stored on disk alongside related resources; e.g., many sequence aligners require the assembly to be indexed. The resulting indexes are broadly applicable for downstream analysis, so it makes sense to share them. However, there is no simple tool to do this. Refgenie is a reference genome assembly asset manager. Refgenie makes it easier to organize, retrieve, and share genome analysis resources. In addition to genome indexes, refgenie can manage any files related to reference genomes, including sequences and annotation files. Refgenie includes a command line interface and a server application that provides a RESTful API, so it is useful for both tool development and analysis.
  • Data Analysis

    Research Computing can help with accessing, preparing, visualizing and analyzing data. We can assist you by implementing your analysis strategy in an appropriate computing language, including R, Python and Matlab. We will work with you to prepare scripts that are reproducible, efficient and flexible. Manipulation Data analysis generally involves a significant effort to transform, aggregate, subset or otherwise prepare a dataset. That could include dealing with missing values as well as merging or joining multiple datasets. We can help you wrangle your data into a “tidy” format in order to analyze the features and observations relevant to your question.
  • Workshops

    UVA Research Computing provides training opportunities covering a variety of data analysis, basic programming and computational topics. All of the classes listed below are taught by experts and are freely available to UVa faculty, staff and students. Upcoming Workshops Workshops for 2020 have been moved to online learning formats due to campus closures from COVID-19. DATE WORKSHOP INSTRUCTOR 10/07/2020 Intro to Shiny Apps Christina Gancayco 10/09/2020 Data Science with Matlab Ed Hall 10/13/2020 Using Rivanna from the Command Line Gladys Andino 10/14/2020 Building Software Containers for Rivanna Ruoshi Sun 10/15/2020 Biopython Karsten Siller 10/21/2020 Customizing Shiny Apps Christina Gancayco 10/23/2020 Using the Julia Programming Language on Rivanna Ed Hall 10/24/2020, 11/01/2020 Tensorflow – Turning the Knobs (Overview and Q&A) Jacalyn Huband 11/12/2020 Automation of Image Processing with Fiji/ImageJ and OMERO Karsten Siller 11/17/2020 Using Bioinformatics Tools on Rivanna Gladys Andino Research Computing is partnering with the Research Library and the Health Sciences Library to deliver workshops covering a variety of research computing topics.