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    UVA Research Computing strives to empower researchers to achieve more through the use of cutting-edge computational resources.
    This has led to fruitful collaborations with researchers and staff across grounds, including these groups and departments:
    Astronomy Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Biomedical Engineering Center for Applied Biomechanics Center for Advanced Medical Analytics Center for Behavioral Health and Technology Center for Diabetes Technology Center for Public Health Genomics Economics Emergency Medicine Environmental Sciences Infectious Diseases Public Health Sciences Materials Science & Engineering Pediatrics–Neonatology Radiology and Medical Imaging Surgery UVA Sinklab To browse a gallery of recent projects, visit our Projects page below.

  • LOLAweb

    From his lab in the Center for Public Health Genomics at UVa, Nathan Sheffield seeks to develop a deeper understanding of functional genomics. Dr. Sheffield and his collaborators study epigenetic mechanisms, including DNA methylation, which can involve analyzing enrichment of genomic region set data. By identifying patterns of enriched genomic regions, one can differentiate between normal and diseased gene regulation. Dr. Sheffield builds on this research focus as well as a history of open-source software development with the publication of LOLAweb: A containerized web server for interactive genomic locus overlap enrichment analysis as part of a special web server issue of Nucleic Acids Research.