• Compilers on Rivanna

    Rivanna offers multiple compiler bundles for C, C++, and Fortran. Different compilers have different strengths and weaknesses and different error messaging and debugging features, so users should be willing to try another one when appropriate. The modules system manages the compiler environment and ensures that only compatible libraries are available for loading.
    Many users of compiled languages are working with codes that can employ MPI for multinode parallel runs. MPI users should first understand how their chosen compiler works, then see the MPI instructions at our parallel programming page.
    Compiled languages can be more difficult to debug, and the assistance of a good debugger can be essential.

  • ACCORD Environments

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    After creating a project and logging into the ACCORD platform, you will next chose an environment. The environments currently available on ACCORD are listed below. We welcome your suggestions for additional environments to be included in the future.
    RStudio RStudio is the standard IDE for research using the R programming language. JupyterLab Jupyter Lab allows for interactive, notebook-based analysis of data. A good choice for pulling quick results or refining your code in numerous languages including Python, R, Julia, bash, and others. Theia Python Theia Python is a rich IDE that allows researchers to manage their files and data, write code with an intelligent editor, and execute code within a terminal session.