• Instructional Use of Rivanna

    Instructors can request instructional allocations on Rivanna for classes and extended workshops. These allocations are time-limited and generally allow access to a restricted set of nodes and only one special SLURM partition, but are otherwise equivalent to any allocation. Resource Availability Hardware and Partition Instructional allocations use a dedicated instructional partition. The standard allocation is 25,000 SUs for the semester during which the course is conducted. For workshops, the allocation will persist during the workshop and for two days subsequent to it. Class allocations also can access 50GB of shared storage temporarily. The standard number of cores is 20 on one node.
  • Workshops

    UVA Research Computing provides training opportunities covering a variety of data analysis, basic programming and computational topics. All of the classes listed below are taught by experts and are freely available to UVa faculty, staff and students. Upcoming Workshops Workshops for 2021 have been moved to online learning formats due to campus closures from COVID-19. DATE WORKSHOP INSTRUCTOR 01/19/2021, 01/20/2021, 01/21/2021 High Performance Python Katherine Holcomb 02/04/2021 Introduction to Shiny Christina Gancayco 02/05/2021, 02/12/2021 Parallel Matlab Ed Hall 02/11/2021 Customizing Shiny Apps Christina Gancayco 02/12/2021 Optimizing R Code Jacalyn Huband 02/18/2021 Building Containers for Rivanna Ruoshi Sun 02/19/2021 Optimizing Matlab Code Ed Hall 02/25/2021 Minimal Containers Ruoshi Sun 02/25/2021 Biopython Karsten Siller 03/16/2021 Using Bioinformatics tools on Rivanna Gladys Andino 03/12/2021 Parallelizing R Jacalyn Huband 04/09/2021 R with MPI Jacalyn Huband Research Computing is partnering with the Research Library and the Health Sciences Library to deliver workshops covering a variety of research computing topics.