The Gurobi Optimizer is a state-of-the-art solver for mathematical programming. The solvers in the Gurobi Optimizer were designed from the ground up to exploit modern architectures and multi-core processors, using the most advanced implementations of the latest algorithms.

Available Versions

To find the available versions and learn how to load them, run:

module spider gurobi

The output of the command shows the available Gurobi
module versions. To load the most recent version of Gurobi
, at the terminal window prompt run:

module load gurobi

For detailed information about a particular Gurobi
module, including how to load the module, run the module spider command with the module’s full version label. For example:

module spider gurobi/10.0.1
ModuleVersion Module Load Command
gurobi10.0.1 module load gurobi/10.0.1
gurobi11.0.0 module load gurobi/11.0.0

License and Permission

We have an academic site license that allows UVA faculty, staff, and students to use Gurobi on the HPC system. The license is restricted to academic use and all use for commercial purposes is forbidden.

Please submit a ticket if you are UVA faculty/staff/student and need access to the software.

Using Gurobi

There are several ways to use Gurobi. First load the module.

Gurobi command prompt



To import gurobipy as a Python module, you can use either Gurobi’s own python3.7 executable or a different python. gurobi/10.0.1 uses python3.7 and gurobi/11.0.0 uses python3.11.

Gurobi Python

Please replace python with python3.7 or python3.11 in your Slurm scripts. However, note that Gurobi does not provide pip. If you need additional Python packages please use a non-Gurobi Python (e.g. via module load anaconda). See next section.

Non-Gurobi Python

Gurobi/10.0.1 supports Python versions 2.7, 3.6 - 3.9. Please follow the instructions in the module load message.

To check the version of your python, run python -V.

If you followed these instructions and still have trouble importing gurobipy in your Python script, please use the Gurobi Python python3.7.


The GUROBI_HOME environment variable is already defined. Load the julia module and run:

import Pkg