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  • Image Processing & Scientific Visualization

    Image Processing and Scientific Visualization are two separate processes within the scientific research lifecycle, yet the two concepts often play off of one another. Image processing refers to the enhancement and transformation of images to prepare them for quantitative analysis. Scientific visualization is the graphical communication of data so that trends and anomalies can be more easily recognized. UVa Research Computing offers many services and resources to help researchers augment their work with image processing and scientific visualization techniques. Image Processing Overview Image processing encompasses a variety of techniques to prepare images for analysis. Researchers often need to remove noise artifacts from their imaging data, or they need to analyze particular regions of interest.
  • Tools for Research

    Tools and software projects that UVA Research Computing has collaborated on:

    LOLAweb LOLAweb is a web server and interactive results viewer for enrichment of overlap between a user-provided query region set (a bed file) and a database of region sets. It provides an interactive result explorer to visualize the highest ranked enrichments from the database. LOLAweb is a web interface to the LOLA R package. Launch LOLAweb
    BARTweb There are a number of commercially licensed tools available to UVa researchers for free. These products, including UVa Box, Dropbox (Health System) and CrashPlan, are most suitable for small-scale storage needs.