• Database Service Request

    – A Relational Database Service is available for researchers who need such resources in Rivanna or microservice applications. Currently database services are limited to the MySQL RDBMS, and can only be accessed from within the HPC network. Note that you cannot connect directly to this database service from elsewhere on campus, VPN, etc. but only from Rivanna or other Research Computing systems. Upon approval of this request you will be given the following: The database host endpoint address A database username A database password Connections can then be made over port 3306 to the endpoint using normal MySQL tools and libraries.
  • Database Service Request

    here is a response Name * E-mail * User ID * Group Family Submit –
  • Introduction to Databases

    There are two main families of databases: Relational and NoSQL. Relational databases store information in an orderly, column, row, and table schema. They “relate” the tables together to present different views of the data. NoSQL databases are much less structured. This means they can store different data alongside each other – which makes things both easier to store but harder to query across. Relational Databases (RDBMS) Most users have at least heard of relational databases like: MySQL / MariaDB PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Relational databases operate on the concepts of tables, relations, indexes, SQL, CRUD operations, and joins.