Database Service Request

A Relational Database Service is available for researchers who need such resources in Rivanna or microservice applications. Currently database services are limited to the MySQL RDBMS, and can only be accessed from within the HPC network.

Note that you cannot connect directly to this database service from elsewhere on campus, VPN, etc. but only from Rivanna or other Research Computing systems.

Upon approval of this request you will be given the following:

  • The database host endpoint address
  • A database username
  • A database password

Connections can then be made over port 3306 to the endpoint using normal MySQL tools and libraries. A GUI user interface is available at for convenience of management.

Databases are automatically backed up nightly, and 7 days are retained.

Learn more:

Please describe your database requirements and the project they are associated with.

The size of storage expected over time. Specify in 1GB increments. This should not exceed 20GB.

The name of your SDS capstone group, if applicable.


Database Billing is paid for by the PI or SDS Capstone Faculty Advisor. Database services currently cost $5/database/month in addition to any charges for other deployed microservices containers. (See DCOS billing tiers for more information.) Seven days of backups are automatically stored for each database.
Please enter the name and email address of your financial contact.

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Please submit the form only once. If you receive an error message after submitting this request, please check your email to confirm that the submission completed.